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Death. Sometimes you watch people die slowly through cancer or some other terminal illness. Sometimes it hits you out of nowhere through an accident or some other sudden tragedy.

Tonight hits hard. Dr Alaa Radwan, who was an orphan himself, passed away in a sudden car accident a few hours ago leaving behind an expecting young wife and 2 young children. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. They just recently moved right next to the Masjid. His wife is the sister of our marketing director at Yaqeen, and the daughter of 2 pillars of our Valley Ranch community. This was a family man that exuded a great sense of love to everyone around him. Gentle, loving, and focused.

May Allah accept him as a Shaheed, and make it easy for his widow and 2 (soon to be 3 inshaAllah) children that have been left behind. May Allah unite them all in Jannatul Firdaws, and allow his memory and example to stay with them in this dunya. Ameen

The Janaza will be at VRIC tomorrow after Asr inshaAllah. Please join us if you can.

Please keep them in your duas, and reflect on this beautiful post by his wife Noor Alkurdi that Sh. Yaser found from last year:

"Prophet Muhammad pbuh said: "What actions are most excellent? To gladden the heart of human beings, to feed the hungry, to help the afflicted, to lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful, and to remove the sufferings of the injured.” (Bukhari)

A beautiful story narrated by my husband:

This afternoon was a typical one-I was rushing down the hospital hallways from one OR to the next in my scrub cap and cowboy boots. When suddenly I heard someone call out "doctor, doctor, doctor!!" I finally looked back and saw an old white man in his 70’s or so. He walked up to me and in very broken Arabic said, Assalam Alaikum.

I replied yet still unsure who he was. He then said “you probably don't even remember me but about a year ago
my wife was in this hospital battling terminal cancer. One day I was in the chapel and you walked in with your cowboy boots and your surgery cap with the skulls-(which was a shockingly accurate description). You said hello to me and noticed that I was crying so you walked over and handed me the box of tissues. Then you walked away and you put a rug on the floor-and prayed.

“I had never ever seen anyone pray a complete prayer before. I knew it was Islamic from a few second clip on TV but it was my first time witnessing the whole prayer.” He then said “I remember you just sat there afterwards and held your hands up in what looked like supplication. Then you came up to me again and told me you prayed for me and whatever was causing me to cry".

At this point I finally recalled the story, amazed by the thorough detail given by the man.

He then said “it was just such a beautiful moment for me and it led me to google Islam and research it and 5 months ago I converted to Islam...”

I was frozen and overwhelmed with emotion and embraced the man.

He said that he had been making regular visits to the hospital and nursing stations to thank the nurses that took care of his wife and to hopefully find me too. And today he found me and I’m so glad he did.

I have been an attending at this hospital for 2 years now and only once in that period was I called in to operate late until 2am which happened to be the same night I found the man in the chapel, the same night that Allah chose for this man to be saved. Alhamdulilah Allah chose me for this story. I am humbled and eternally grateful.

Let this be a lesson in humanity for us all-to be human and kind, to be caring and compassionate. This story reminds us that something that we might consider small or insignificant or routine might have a huge impact on someone else’s life. It reminds us of the importance of our salah and how just merely performing our religious duties and obligations and having Muslim character is the most beautiful and rewarding way to reach someone.

I ask Allah swt to accept from us all, strengthen our iman and make us amongst the rightful ambassadors of Islam. Ameen."


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