Certification Process

ISB-DFW DFW conducts training and certification workshops for people interested in becoming certified speakers. The ISB certification is a 3-step process:

Step 1: Speaker Training and Certification Test #1 (Live or Webinar)

Register for the Speaker training, which is 3-4 hours long and a MUST to becoming a certified speaker. A Speaker’s kit will be provided after you go through training workshop. Use the kit to pass Certification Test #1, which is an open book test that is designed to test your ability to find answers from the Speakers kit. The passing score for this test is 75% and you can take the test on the day of the training or Online within one week after the orientation. If you fail, please go through the Speakers kit and re-take the test again.

Note: The Speakers kit is copyrighted by ING and you cannot copy or distribute it.

Step 2:  Written Certification Test #2

Prepare from the Speakers kit and pass a written Certification Test #2. This is a closed book test and consists of open-ended questions from the material in the Speakers kit that was provided to you after the Speaker training. The passing score for this test is 85%. You will be graded on your knowledge of the questions asked, the approach and style of your answers, and your pace in answering the questions. Read over the entire set of questions before you begin.

Although you should be brief and concise in a live situation, for the purpose of this test we want you to be descriptive in answering while also completing your responses within the allotted time.

Step 3: Speaker Agreement and Evaluation

Sign the ISB Speaker agreement and get evaluated for live presentations. For those who pass Certification Test 2, review and sign the ISB Speaker Agreement.

Note: Assume responsibility as a speaker only after you have received Islamic Speakers Bureau (ISB) certification, which confirms that you have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to be an ISB speaker. This includes peer evaluation for presentation style and delivery of the content material.

ISB speakers are required to attend at least 60% of the speaker development and training workshops in order to keep their certification current. ISB will have about 4-8 workshops for the certified speakers in a single year.