Certification Test #2

Those who have passed Certification Test #1 are eligible to continue the certification process with the Certification Test #2. The actual testing is estimated to take about 90 minutes and will be timed as such. An ISB administrator will schedule the date/time/location for the test. Please Contact us if you have any questions.

Certification Test #2 covers the following material from the speakers kit:

  • Part I: Presentation Content from both Exploring Muslim Traditions and Practices and Getting to Know American Muslims and their Faith (20 questions, 40 pts)
  • Part II: Current Events including key governmental officials (10 questions, 20 pts)
  • Part III: FAQs from the Speakers Kit (20 questions, 40 pts)
  • Part IV: ING Policies Relating to the First Amendment Center Guidelines (8 questions, 10 pts)